Little Maria

Maria remembers when….

Little Maria was slow in growing up so her parents enrolled her in Pammacaristos’ Nursery where many children who didn’t have any particular difficulties helped her a lot  During  the following six years she spent her schooltime playing games with letters and numbers at the special school of the Foundation. She remembers really well how she enjoyed Makaton linguistic games, Mr Graham’s melodies, Mr Orff’s beautiful tunes, the training for the Special Olympics as well as the happy hours she spent painting or watching wonderful pictures on the screen. When she graduated from Elementary School she tried out her skill in various arts and crafts: she wove pretty materials and carpets, she crocheed beautiful lace, she gave shape to pieces of clay and she learned  to write attractive letters playing with the computer. When  her parents were taken ill, she spent the summer at the cosy boarding house of the Foundation where she met children  and felt  part of the large European Family. Today Maria works at a company using the computer but  still reminices  about  the years she spent at Pammacaristos with a warm feeling in her heart.

Pammacaristos is a non-profit making  foundation which has been operating  since 1953  as a social  welfare and educational organisation for children and young people with:

  • cognitive/mental deficiencies
  • social problems
  • with additional difficulties including:
  • autism
  • speech language and communication problems
  • attention disorders
  • behavior disorders
  • combination of the above disabilities

Boarders or half -boarders from all over Greece are accepted.

At present the Foundation  offers specialized education and training  to approximately 250  children, adolescents and adults  up to the age of  30 who according to their  age and  needs attend one of the following units: Nursery, Government Special Elementary  School or Special Vocational Workshops. All units are supported by an interdisciplinary team, consisting of social workers, psychologists, speech therapist and child psychiatrist. Various therapies, creative art and athletic activities are part of all courses.

The various units of the Foundation  are staffed by approximately 100 people including administrative, scientific, educational and auxiliary personnel.

A lot of important support is also offered by a large number of volunteers and the Elementary School’s Parents’ Committee.

The Foundation is financed  mainly by the Greek  State. In addition it receives funds from the National Social Welfare Bodies, the  European Union initiatives and donations by individuals as well as companies.

1982-1994: Vocational Training Programs

Each year 50 young girls were trained in various

vocational programs aiming at their employment

in the open market.



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